Kirsten Dehmer

„I’m helping my clients to beat their own goals“

– Kirsten Dehmer, Personal Coach

Coaching must be individually adapted to personality, needs and fitness level

Kirsten's customers always come to her with specific requests. They want to literally jump easily onto stage, come across professionally in their environment or simply be healthier and fitter for different reasons.

Kirsten coached many celebrities, among others Kylie Minoque, Whitney Houston, Joey Kelly and later also Joachim Löw and many more.

In this way, goals are specified that must be achieved and general conditions that must be taken into account during training. In addition, the aim is to get to know the customers and to understand them better.

The more information is available, the more individually Kirsten can adapt to her customers. During the training she is then both driver, explainer, helper and praiser in one person. Throughout the entire process, as a personal poach, she remains in regular contact with her clients and continues to be interested in how successful and helpful in the long term their time together was.

Joey Kelly with Kirsten Dehmer

„Fitness data of my customers is spread across digital islands“

BEAT relies on Blockchain technology to increase intrinsic motivation by setting binding goals with the help of digital means.

Billions of data points are generated every day in the field of sports and health. Fitness trackers, apps, sports clubs, fitness studios and doctors collect data and store it in many data islands.

Users can store this verified data, e.g. about their health, sports activities or rehabilitation progress, in encrypted form in the BEAT blockchain. This is done via "trusted third parties" such as health apps, smart watches or – more personally – by certified trainers or doctors.

The general approach with decentralized access via the BEAT blockchain means that in the future data from different sources can be stored securely and shared if required.

Goal Motivation and Rewarding Achievements

The use of the new Blockchain technology allows, among other things:

  • Better preparation for personal coaching by taking stock of the health and fitness history
  • Data under the control of those who produce it
  • No loss of personal data
  • Digital monitoring of objectives and progress
  • Creating the unique opportunity to define binding goals with people and to technically verify their achievement
Joachim Löw with Kirsten Dehmer

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