Sports Sponsoring - Gym

Unleash the value of verified health and sports data using cutting edge blockchain technology

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Sports Sponsoring - Gym

Sports Sponsoring - Gym: By giving your employer and/or your insurance company access to your gym checkins or in addition part of your activity and health data you get a discount from your gym recurring subscription fee.

  • Sportspersons need to pay fixed subscription fee vor visiting gyms regularly.
  • Gyms store the checkin data of sportspersons visiting.
  • Gyms store activity and health data of digitally equipped devices of their visitors.
  • Employers and Insurance Companies want to incentivize doing sports and stay healthy.
  • Employers and Insurance Companies pay part of the subscription fee for regularly visiting the gym based on simple checkins as approval for doing sports.
  • Additional payments could be agreed on with access to further activity and health data.

Use cases

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