Medical Research

Unleash the value of verified health and sports data using cutting edge blockchain technology

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Medical research

Medical Research: The BEAT Blockchain will help improving clinical research quality. Blockchain technology could let people offer health records for research, without losing control over them. The BEAT Blockchain will will solve some of health care’s major challenges, including: identity, privacy, data liquidity, care coordination and more.

  • Doctors need to solve a major problem and share the problem with relevant data on the BEAT Blockchain.
  • Other doctors see the shared data and the need for a solution on the BEAT Blockchain and decide to initiate a medical research study and document the necessary framework on the BEAT Blockchain.
  • Together clinics and doctors gather input from worldwide participants and document it on the BEAT Blockchain.
  • After enough input has been gathered part of the medical participants join together to finalize the initiated study and share the result on the BEAT Blockchain.

Use cases

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