Medical Care

Unleash the value of verified health and sports data using cutting edge blockchain technology

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Medical Care

Medical Care: The BEAT Blockchain provides a decentralized framework to share patient activity and health information across a range of applications and stakeholders. Benefits will be improved data integrity, decentralization, confidentiality and reduced transaction costs.

  • Patients visit clinics and bring access to their own medical history data, stored on the BEAT Blockchain, with them.
  • Clinics help the patient and store the results of the efforts on the BEAT Blockchain.
  • Physiotherapists talk and work with the patient to reduce pain and restore health. They access the original patient data as well as the results from the clinic using the BEAT Blockhain and document their own progress on the BEAT Blockchain as well.
  • Afterwards patients visit gyms to speed up their recovery, where the amount of visits and tracked activity and health data is stored on the Beat Blockchain.

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